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Our massages

Do you need total relax? Let you be embraced by this massage that performs a relaxing action on the muscle areas experienced by daily stress

25 MIN. 40€     50 MIN. 75€ 

Pamper your spirit. Gentle massage with our precious essential oils in a single atmosphere created by our perfumes and music. 

25 MIN. 40€     50 MIN. 75€ 

Very energetic massage, which prepare the muscles for a sport activity. It is accompanied by the use of heating oils to ensure immediate muscle readiness. 

25 MIN. 40€

This Massage is suitable to relieve pain caused by physical activity. It favours the disposal of accumulated ubstances, giving a sense of lightnes.

25 MIN. 40€     50 MIN. 75€ 

Back and neck pain? Let yourself be enveloped by the scents of arnica oil cream known for their soothing and invigorating effects. 

25 MIN. 40€     50 MIN. 75€ 

Ideal for relaxing a part of the body of your choice, mainly indicated for a back, neck or leg massage

25 MIN. 40€     

Specific Massage aimed at treating the areas where muscle contractures are detected, in this way muscle tension is released, reducing pain. The massage is accompanied by the use of arnica-based oil and a massage gun 

25 MIN. 40€     50 MIN. 75€    

Sequence of delicate, slow and rhythmic movements that reduces water retension, promoting a pleasant sensation of light legs  

50 MIN. 80€ 

Digital pressure treatment: helps relieve contractures and muscle-tendon pains 

50 MIN. 90€ 


Why choose the Hotel Posta? For 6 great reasons:

  • Central location, in Piazza del Comun

  • Just 5 minutes on foot from the ski lifts

  • Large bike and ski room for our guests

  • Free entry to our wellness area and gym

  • Varied sweet and savoury breakfast buffet

  • Restaurant offering genuine, traditional dishes made from select ingredients


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Just a short distance from the hotel, in a historic building, you can enjoy simple yet refined cuisine


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